Organic solutions for today’s problems.

Naturally sourced packaging for live seafood • Plant nutrient delivery solutions • Skin patch medicine & nutrient delivery • Natural heavy oil solution

Biome Solutions is a bio-tech research and development company focused on solutions which will change the way surfactants meet the needs of many markets. Our bio-foam, which is found in the amazon forest, has been broken down and re-designed to displace some products in the marketplace today, as well as, create capabilities which will generate new opportunities in a variety of market verticals. 

Some of the following properties exist with the solution:

  • lasts for days, but can be easily removed with by washing with water

  • is non-toxic, bio degradable, and could be ingested with no health risks

  • is stable at different temperatures

  • has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties 

  • Addresses many other market needs and innovative properties

Biome was established to exploit these properties for commercial opportunities, in many verticals:   

  • Packaging solution for transportation 

    • Seafood

    • Fruits

  • Agriculture 

    • Nutrient delivery and plant protection 

  • Oil Industry 

    • Surfactant expansion and oil absorption  

    • Oil absorption 

  • Medical 

  • Cosmetic

Biome is in start-up phases, and is currently accepting investment to continue research and explore solutions to help the world. Contact us.